Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NewSat wins extra funding for Jabiru-1 launch, satellite Teleport expansion

It looks like NewSat will be proceeding as planned with the scheduled 2015 launch of its Jabiru-1 Ka-band satellite- and more. The Australian company announced that it has secured an extra $108 million for its ambitious communications satellite project, part of which will go into developing its satellite Teleport site in northern Adelaide.

Jabiru-1 will deliver telephone and satellite Internet services to customers in the oil & gas, mining, and defence markets. According to David Ball of NewSat, the Ka-band satellite project will generate additional jobs at the company's satellite Teleport in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

NewSat is eyeing to expand the Mawson Lakes facility and its personnel. The Company plans to purchase additional land which will host Jabiru's planned satellite control facility and customer super center.

Said operation currently provides satellite services to several clients in the defense industry. Mr. Ball assures that NewSat's satellite Teleport hubs at Adelaide and Perth will retain their importance and continue supporting existing businesses. He also adds that Jabiru-1 will expand those businesses once it launches.

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