Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Era Systems proposes new market for ground station equipment

To celebrate its thirteenth year in business, New Era Systems is drawing attention to the little-known marketplace for used ground station equipment where serviceable but underused/unused satellite communications systems can be sold, purchased, and put to profitable use.

The company reported that satellite Earth stations are not using hundreds of millions of dollars worth of satellite antenna and RF equipment assets to their full potential, or at all. These equipment could be deployed in other locations that require them.

Phil Thomas, President of New Era Systems, pointed out the industry does not have a visible resource for the disposal of large satellite antenna systems as well as the sale and purchase of used gear. The Company seeks to help antenna buyers save money and turn surplus gear into cash by directing attention to the after-market for pre-owned equipment.

To this end, New Era Systems created a discussion centered on increasing the efficiency and transparency of the after-market. It is is urging satellite Teleports (including members of the World Teleport Association) and members of the industry to join the talks.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

SIS LIVE, RRsat sign international sports distribution deal for Asian market

SIS LIVE and RRsat have arrived at a distribution deal that will provides international sports distribution solutions to consumers in Asia. Services covered by the agreement include uplink and downlink services, satellite-to-satellite turnaround, and fiber-to-satellite transmissions.

The two companies have teamed up to deliver the coverage of the European Tour Productions golf tour. SIS LIVE will use RRsat solutions to distribute live golf events to and from Asia.

The distribution deal is the latest in a long line of mutual cooperation between the two companies. SIS LIVE is a preferred RRsat supplier and delivers the latter company's European satellite Teleport and turnaround services to RRsat’s extensive customer base. They have built a custom fiber link between the SIS LIVE Teleport in the United Kingdom and the Emek HaEla teleport run by RRsat, which enables the direct transfer of content for uplink and distribution to premium cable headends in Asia. 

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

CET Teleport snags SES Ku-band capacity deal, completes coverage of Africa

Thanks to a recently-signed three year contract with SES for Ku-band capacity on the NSS-12 satellite, CET Teleport will be able to link East Africa with Europe, granting it complete coverage of the African continent on both C-band and Ku-band.

CET expanded its partnership with SES in order to accommodate growing demand for satellite services in East Africa. The Company currently leverages the Ku-band South Africa beam of the NSS-7 satellite.

The NSS-7 and NSS-12 satellites enable satellite services that are provided as SCPC links or through one of the iDirect Evolution hubs at CET's satellite Teleport facility in Hameln, Germany.

Africa remains one the swiftest growing markets for satellite broadband and VoIP connectivity. Urban areas have not been able to develop enough infrastructure to handle the increasing demand from government, commerce, and individual consumers while rural areas had previously been unable to access proper services and now want in on connectivity.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NewSat wins extra funding for Jabiru-1 launch, satellite Teleport expansion

It looks like NewSat will be proceeding as planned with the scheduled 2015 launch of its Jabiru-1 Ka-band satellite- and more. The Australian company announced that it has secured an extra $108 million for its ambitious communications satellite project, part of which will go into developing its satellite Teleport site in northern Adelaide.

Jabiru-1 will deliver telephone and satellite Internet services to customers in the oil & gas, mining, and defence markets. According to David Ball of NewSat, the Ka-band satellite project will generate additional jobs at the company's satellite Teleport in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

NewSat is eyeing to expand the Mawson Lakes facility and its personnel. The Company plans to purchase additional land which will host Jabiru's planned satellite control facility and customer super center.

Said operation currently provides satellite services to several clients in the defense industry. Mr. Ball assures that NewSat's satellite Teleport hubs at Adelaide and Perth will retain their importance and continue supporting existing businesses. He also adds that Jabiru-1 will expand those businesses once it launches.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

BringCom, partners form new company to upgrade, manage Djibouti Teleport

A new private company, Djibouti Teleport SARL, has been formed by African communications technology provider BringCom and partner companies in the African country. The new company will enhance and manage the daily operations of the satellite Teleport sharing the same name.

Djibouti Teleport SARL will install new buildings, backup power, security hardware, and an iDirect hub. The result: A first-class satellite Teleport facility that is also connected to five large-capacity undersea cable systems, allowing it to deliver connectivity equal to anywhere else in the world.

BringCom will serve as the managing partner of the upgraded Djibouti Teleport. In order to support the facility's new round-the-clock services, the Company has assigned trained teleport technicians to support the teleport's veteran staff.

Djibouti Teleport is currently equipped with a 7.3-meter satellite antenna that provides Ku-band connectivity via the Apstar 7 satellite, and a 16-meter antenna for C-band connectivity.
The two antennas have already been refurbished and enhanced. Djibouti Teleport SARL is currently installing more antennas and new equipment.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Elara Comunicaciones scores second highest growth for Teleports in 2012

Elara Comunicaciones, S.A. de C.V. reportedly enjoyed the second highest and fastest growth among satellite Teleport operators in 2012. The Company also made it to the 19th place of the “Independent Top Twenty” ranking based on its total revenue.

In addition, Elara is the only teleport in Mexico and Latin-America to make it to WTA’s 2012 ranking.

Based in Mexico, Elara Comunicaciones is a Mexican Public Network dealer and the most experienced satellite operator in the Latin American region. It offers customized and innovative satellite telecommunication services to customers in the mobile operator, oil and gas, and maritime sectors.

The World Teleport Association (WTA) annually publishes rankings of the Top Teleport Operators. It bases its rankings on the operators' revenue in the most recent fiscal years.

According to the WTA publication, the top independent satellite Teleport operators invested an average of around 40% of their annual revenues on satellite capacity. That's $830 million in US currency. (Independent operators are companies that do not own or operate their own satellites.)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

WTA ranks CETel as fastest growing Teleport in Germany, third fastest worldwide

The World Teleport Association ranked Central European Telecom Services GmbH as the third “Fastest growing Teleports in the World” and, by extension, the fastest-growing Teleport based in Germany. This is the fourth time the Teleport and satellite service provider has been recognized for achieving rapid growth in its home country.

In addition, CETel GmbH is also on the list of the Independent Top Twenty Teleport operators for the third time. This is due to the German Company's diverse service portfolio, which continues to develop new services for a steadily-growing customer base.

The World Teleport Association recently published this year's rankings for its annual Top Teleport Operators report. According to the WTA, the Independent Top Operators are companies that do not own and operate satellites. Independent Top Operators like the aforementioned Teleport operator CETel grew more than 9% compared to last years, and have total revenues of USD 2.3 billion for 2012.